The Mach-1 Quick Change Process
3-second tool changes

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Products & Services
- Accessories
  Vector Drive  
    1 HP Step Pulley Head with Dyanmic Braking   $950.00  
      without Dynamic Braking   $850.00  
    1.5 & 2 HP Variable Speed Heads with Dyanmic Braking   $1,150.00  
      without Dynamic Braking   $1,050.00  
Bridgeport heads retrofitted with AC variable speed packages. Speed is adjusted with a potentometer & back gears.

Packages include all hardware and controls. Drive and controls in Nema 12 boxes.

  • Installation on the step pulley heads is very simple by just drilling and tapping mounting holes for the control box.
  • The variable step heads and the adjusted pulley assembly in the head have to be removed and replaced with the new pulleys and belts (included)
  • One of the motor mounting holes has to be elongated and one control box mounted on the machine.
We can do all the work on the head & you will have to mount the box on the machine. For $150.00, we can also work out a package price with rebuilding the head.


  Mach-1 Quick Change Tooling System  
Turn your R-8 milling machine spindle into a quick change system. Enables you to change tools in seconds with increased accuracy & repeatability on light or heavy-duty jobs. Just insert a tool holder into the spindle, push the quill handle back & release the quill handle. It's that easy!

    Complete Package   $1,495.00  
  •  Drawbar Assembly
  •  R-8 Collet Set 1/8" - 3/4"
  •  R-8 Endmill Holder Set 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2"
  •  Jacobs Chuck Adapter
  •  4 Collet Closers
  •  Tightening Fixture
  •  Spanner Wrench
  •  Tooling Tray

    Half Package (Uses Your Collets)   $895.00  
  •  Drawbar Assembly
  •  R-8 Endmill Holder Set 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2"
  •  Jacobs Chuck Adapter
  •  4 Collet Closers
  •  Tightening Fixture
  •  Spanner Wrench
  •  Collet Machine Fixture

    Extra Collet Closers   $60.00  
    Extra Collets with Pull Studs   $46.00  
    End Mill Holders   $46.00  
    End Mill Holders w/ Drive Collar & Shell Mill Adapter   $135.00  
    MM Collets with Pull Studs   $37.00  
    Right Angle Heat Retrofit   $350.00  

  2 & 3 Axis CNC Retrofit Packages  

Acu-rite MILLPWR® 2 and 3-axis control and readout packages.

The MILLPWR® Controls can be retrofitted to your existing machine.

We can also also put together packages with new machines.

Please call for details.


  Phase Converters  
Built to meet your shop's horsepower needs and specifications.

Please call for details

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